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Christian Löer
Head of Sales & Marketing
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We offer the entire spectrum of web- and mobile-based software development. This includes the initial consultation, the development and discussion of concepts and the operation of the application. Do we know programming language X, framework Y or software Z? Well possible! Just ask. Subsequently you find an overview of the individual steps of our software development process. If you are interested in concrete technologies, you can also find a description of our stack.
Web Development
Mobile Development
Desktop Development
In web- and app-development it is very important to understand the underlying technologies and principles very detailed. On server-side, this includes databases, webservers, load-balancing and dns. On communication design it is the HTTP-Standard including all browser security mechanisms. On the frontend we can differentiate by platforms: In web-based platforms the definition of the views is described by HTML and CSS. The logic and workflow is programmed in JavaScript. On mobile devices, the technologies are again different for each operation system. However, the performance constraints, distribution (App Store) and external systems (e.g. push messages) need to be taken into account. For tech geaks we offer a list of the technologies that we have used recently: HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, ES6, Babel, Webpack, React, Redux, Redux-Saga Math.js, React-Native, Angular, JQuery, Bootstrap, Android-SDK, Objective-C, Swift, Cordova, Ionic,PHP, Laravel, Wordpress, Contao, VBulletin, Invision Power Board, Node, Express, Java EE, Spring, Hibernate,Python, Pyramid, SQLAlchemy, Django, Flask, nginx, Apache 2, Swagger, UML, PostgreSQL, Redis, MySQL, Memcached, Cassandra, Celery, RabbitMQ, Jenkins, Git, GitLab, Jira, Docker, LXC, Ubuntu, CentOS, Windows Server 2016, Icinga, OpenVAS
The actidoo software process
Prototyping / Design
The first step is the discussion of your individual requirements concerning functionality and design and the creation of an interactive prototype. Interactive prototyping in advance to the development process helps a lot to define and evaluate the later product as best as possible. At this point, we can already get the prototype tested by the later users and gather lots of feedback. Most of the typically costly mistakes can be prevented in these early steps.
Requirements· User Experience Design· Click Dummy
Our experienced developers realize your project in time. With the DevOps-Principle they are also responsible for defining the operation environment (e.g. Docker). The selection of technologies and definition of architecture depends on existing systems and functional as well as non-functional requirements. We work using agile methods without losing the focus on the overall vision.
Web· Mobile· Server· Database· Interfaces
Quality Assurance
The Quality Assurance consists of multiple steps: Automatic tests, which are executed after each change in the source code; manual tests, which are additionally verified before each release. If required, the automatic tests also include performance and scalability tests. The manual tests are first verified by us and the releases are finally approved by our customers.
Manual and automatic tests· Continuous Integration
Operations & Service
After the development we always open for your questions and wishes. If you are interested, we also provide a digital service desk. The process (request, offer, approval, realization, approval) is completely integrated, so that you always have an overview of the current state and upcoming costs.

We would also like to offer you the operation of your applications. Most of our servers are located in a german datacenter. If it suits better to your use case, we can also maintain cloud infrastructure (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure) or installations on your own servers.
Hosting· Phone and Email Support· Further Development
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